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It’s hard to fully convey how much becoming a mother has changed me. There is nothing like staring in the face of the responsibility of raising this tiny human into a thriving adult.

Never have I felt such deep and overwhelming fear, inadequacy, anxiety, uncertainty, guilt, worry, and loneliness. It’s easy to let these feelings take over sometimes. BUT nothing, no amount of difficulty or negative feeling can steal the absolute JOY that motherhood brings.

I never imagined I was capable of such overwhelming love. A love so strong that it hurts. A love so automatic that it takes over everything else. Looking at my kids, I’m in awe that I could be trusted with something so important, so difficult, so beautiful, so rewarding.

For every difficult moment, every self-doubt, every emotional breakdown, every time I feel like I’m doing it all wrong, there are a million more tiny moments that fill my world and fill my heart with a flood of absolute and complete bliss and perfect happiness.

It amazes me how one tiny moment can change my whole outlook in a split second. A sweet smile, a slobbery kiss, a monumental milestone, a kind action, a right choice, a hug so tight you can barely breathe, a cuddle with you on the couch, playing pretend, singing the ABC’s for the thousandth time, sharing a toy with a friend; these tiny moments of accomplishment make up the joy of being a mom. I can feel like a failure and that feeling can disappear at a moments notice when my kid looks as me with such pure and innocent love and trust.

These motherhood moments slip through our fingers like grains of sand. Take those moments, use them as an opportunity to build castles with that sand and build as many as you can.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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