10 Best Resources for Moms


Here’s the deal… over the last few weeks (this is a very conservative estimate) I have  been fighting my toddler nonstop on EVERYTHING.

Cleaning up.
Being nice.
Not saying no.
Following directions.
Coloring on paper only.
Not climbing on the counter.
Not picking his scabs.
Not eating his scabs (yes, seriously)


This list could continue FOR-EV-VER!!!

This is not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last where I feel like I have ZERO idea what I am doing!   So please, help a sister out!

I bet you thought that I was going to have 10 resources for moms in this blog post.  I totally get why you would think that.  But no,  its just desperate me who needs some resources for moms, for myself….

Oh wise mothers who have gone before me, please give me some of your wisdom.

What are some of the greatest resources that helped you survive and make it through motherhood.  What are some things you did that were wins?   Lets help each other out and share our wisdom.   I’ll have a follow up post with your suggestions!

Let’s take on life together!



One thought on “10 Best Resources for Moms

  1. growingsimpler says:

    Welp, I’m fighting Drew on arguing with me and him just having to have the last word (we are the same so I’m sure you can imagine this fight goes on forever!) I’m there with you and totally trying your vinegar thing! The crayon should come off with magic erasers tho! Idk if your boy is too young for this one, but in our house I use a chart wit clothespins with the kids names on them. If you pinterest ‘time out chart’ you will see a chart that starts with warning, time out, then privileges taken away them bed early. Drew is 3 and this really works for him! He will do something or argue and I’ll ask ‘do we need to move your name? You’re being rude and arguing with me. That’s not okay.’ He will back track really quick! For your youngster tho, I’d say make him ‘clean’ the crayon off the wall? Drew didn’t like that. Cleaning the mess he had a good time making. Also what has REALLY been a big help not only for me but for the kids learning responsibility is they each have 1 to 3 chores a day on top of their daily things such as making your bed, picking up your toys, getting dressed, etc. Monday drew will pick up all the trash in the dining and living room. Tuesday he helps me switch laundry from washer to dryer and from dryer to basket, Wednesday he helps me pull the trash can back from the curb, Thursday he gets the mail, Friday he helps load the dishwasher, saturday he helps me feed the dogs and cats and Sunday is our day of rest. It’s just 1 new job a day. Easy easy stuff. He really likes it and he feels like he’s important and a helper. You could do things such as gathering the towels out of the bahrooms, wiping cabinet doors or baseboards, give him silverware to put in the dishwasher, etc. Pinterest has some great resources for age appropriate chores! I hope this helps!!!

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