When Life Gives You Pumpkins… Make Pumpkin Pie!

    As October 31st quickly approaches, many are gearing up to take their sweet kiddos Trick or Treating, maybe as a superhero or princess. I am caught up in reflection of the past year. One year ago on Halloween, one chapter was closed and we faced the beginning of a new one. 

   I was 30 weeks pregnant with my sweet baby girl and we were packing up our house, moving 6 hours away, and in with my husband’s family. Being 30 weeks pregnant was not ideal for moving when all I wanted to do was sleep and not puke! (Yes, I am one of those people who are sick the entire pregnancy) 😬😷

   It also was not an ideal time to move in with family at 26 years old, pregnant, and with a wild toddler but we were so thankful to have family to encourage and support us in a very difficult season.
   My then, almost two year old had to miss out on dressing up or Trick or Treating. He also missed celebrating his birthday with his friends and having a birthday party. BUT-  luckily he wasn’t old enough to realize what he was missing out on, its mostly hard on mommas missing out on milestones for their kiddos.  

In this season there were so many fears and uncertainties: How will we pay to have our little girl? Who will be her doctor? Will they take care of us? What is next for us? How will we be able to pay for everything until we find a job? How will we survive this season? How are our students going to handle this? Did we do everything we could to equip them before we left? Will they know how deeply we love them? Will they know that will not change? Will ministry always be this hard and hurt so bad? 

All these questions and more were on repeat in our minds. We were afraid and unsure but we took it one day at a time. One by one, the Lord answered our questions and calmed our fears. Though the situation wasn’t “ideal” in our minds, the Lord knew what He was doing. 

The Lord gave Colton a job to provide for us while we were in the valley. He gave us time to visit with family for the first time in many years. He gave us support and love and time to heal. We celebrated the holidays with our friends and family.  We had our baby girl and she was absolutely perfect! But most importantly He brought us through to the Promised Land. 

On the other side of the valley, we can now see how blessed we are to be where we are. The Lord didn’t just bring us through to survive but to thrive!  He brought us to a place of encouragement and healing.   We are a part of a church that loves and supports us and believes in us. Not just that, but we have deep relationships where we are able to do life together. We don’t feel alone anymore.  

If we had to go through many more hard seasons to get to where we are today then it would all be worth it. 

In a season full of fear and uncertainty, the Lord took care of us, like He ALWAYS does. Somehow I always question His faithfulness when He has never given me a reason to doubt Him. He continues to show me that He is trustworthy. 

When you go through a difficult season it’s easy to become bitter, hardened, and angry with God. But take heart, you never know the blessings that are on the other side! 

I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but the Lord does and He hasn’t forgotten you. He sees you, He sees the depth of your hurt and wants to heal you. He sees the walls and bitterness that you have allowed in your life and wants to break down those strongholds.  He is the only one who can take an impossible situation and bring beauty from it. 

So, don’t give up! Take heart! God’s got you! 

PRAY: Lord, I pray for every person reading this. I pray that you meet them right where they are, that you would fill their hurt and brokenness with Your love and grace.  Show them your hope in whatever hopeless situation they may be facing. Show them Your goodness and faithfulness. I pray You show them that You can be trusted. I thank You for what You’re going to do in their lives. 

ACTION: This week, no matter what you’re facing, write a list of what you’re thankful for. I have found that thankfulness protects against bitterness. 

Love you sweet friends. So thankful for you! 

Let’s take on life together!