Seeking Approval? 

Any other people pleasers out there?  🙋🏻 

Ever since I can remember I have struggled with caring about what people think of me.  This struggle came as a packaged deal with a dose of anxiety and fear.   

I found myself not putting myself out there because of the fear that I would cause friction or cause someone to think negatively of me.  I always took comfort in being the peacemaker and getting along with everyone until that no longer was enough. 

Let me let you in on a secret… 

It doesn’t matter if you do all the “right” things, are nice to everyone, and do everything to keep the peace, someone out there will find a reason to not like you. 

It’s easy to chalk it up as just being a compassionate person who loves people and that’s why I struggle so much when someone has an issue with me but honestly, and this stings a bit, it boils down to selfishness and pride.  

I want people to love and accept me because it’s easy.  It’s comfortable. It’s not work.  It’s nice. 

BUT- as Christ followers, there are going to be people that hate you. There are going to be people that hate you for the simple fact that you show love and kindness to someone that they hate, there are even going to be people that hate you just because you are nice, people will hate you because they don’t understand you, and that’s okay. 

Something that I have to continue to remind myself is this: 

If I focus on following the Lord and being obedient to Him, everything else will fall into place. It may not be how I imagine it to turn out, or what my selfishness desires, but keeping my eyes on HIM keeps my focus on what’s the most important thing (the ONLY important thing) and that’s to bring glory and honor to Jesus with my life. 

My comfort is doing what I know I can do about the situation and that is being obedient to the Lord and relying on His guidance. 

At the end of the day, that is all that matters and He will do the work that only He can do! 

I heard this quote this week that really spoke to me, 

Your enemy isn’t people, it’s the Enemy! 

 Even when people hurt us, the enemy is Satan, not that person who caused you pain.  This battle is won in prayer and the Lord has the final say.  

This perspective helps me forgive a little easier, and heal a little quicker no matter how deep those wounds are.  

So here’s to being bold and unashamed of what the Lord has called you to do and who He has created you to be!  Show love and grace but don’t allow what others think, or fear, or anxiety to hold you back from chasing that calling!  No matter what you face, always run toward Jesus. 

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you so much for being the only approval I need. I am so thankful that You are my judge and my strength. Help us to rely fully on you and stop relying on ourselves. Comfort us and be our security whenever we face rejection, whether that be from friends, coworkers, strangers or even family.  Remind us daily of your love for us, and help us to chase your calling on our lives with obedience. We love you! Amen. 

Action:  This week, step out and be bold in who God has called you to be! Take comfort in that and encourage a friend in this as well! 

Love you all so very much! 

Let’s take on life together, 



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