Bedtime. The time of night where the kids stall and ask for one more snack, one more drink, one more book. As I lay with my Jaxon waiting for him to fall asleep, it’s all too real to me how fast he is growing.

My little boy won’t always be little, he won’t always want to cuddle, he won’t always want me to sing him to sleep.

Tonight, I’m cherishing these sweet moments because the only thing that is constant is change.

Tonight, I’m praying big prayers over him as he grows.

Lord, let him chase after you with all the energy, determination, strength, and heart that you’ve given him.

Lord help me to cherish these lives you’ve trusted me with. Help me to be strong and make the right decisions even when they are hard.

Tonight, I’m just going to hold him a little longer, and soak up every sweet moment we have together because it won’t always be like this.